Invalid Party Wall Notices

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 sets out the when party wall notices should be served and when they are required.  It is important to ensure they are correctly served. In the event there are errors on the notices, or they are not served in accordance with the provisions of the party wall legislation, then […]

Schedule of Condition, Belgravia London

We were instructed to undertake a schedule of condition of each of the neighbouring properties prior to works commencing to refurbish a fire damaged residential building in Belgravia London.  The repair works proposed included the replacement of fire damaged floors, walls and ceilings and the complete replacement of all the building services and internal fixtures […]

Landlords Licences for Alterations in Flats

We work with a number of residential property managers dealing with instructions on large and small residential blocks that include external repairs and redecorations, fire upgrade works and where the individual lessees undertake works on their flats, we agree the landlords licences for those works. We have dealt with licences over many years and from […]

Party Wall Appointment – Cranleigh, Surrey

We are pleased to have been appointed by the Building Owners of a house in Cranleigh who are looking to undertake alterations and an extension to their property in Cranleigh.  We were initially approached by their their architect for advice in accordance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and the implication of the Act […]

Reinstatement Cost Assessments – are you correctly insured

As a Landlord is your building correctly insured?  When did you last have the reinstatement cost of your building assessed?  Was it within the last 3 years?  If the answer is no to the last question then a reinstatement cost assessment may be required. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) recommend that the reinstatement […]

Client care – understanding the services you require

All to often we receive enquiries from clients who ask for a quotation for a service because someone, possibly an agent or their solicitor has told them they need one.  In many situations we find that the client may not actually know or understand what they are asking for but are simply following up on […]

Party Wall Instruction – Peacehaven

I am delighted to have been received an appointment to act as the Adjoining Owners’ Surveyor in accordance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996 in Peacehaven, East Sussex At Tim Greenwoods and Associates we have extensive party wall experience acting on behalf of both building owners undertaking the proposed party wall works, and the […]

Acoustic Advice – noise nuisance between flats

We have recently been approached to advise on a long running problem of noise nuisance between 2 flats in London.  The flats are within a period terraced property which was converted some decades ago and the flats were formed one above the other.  The upper flat installed timber floor coverings in recent years and since […]

Party Wall Notices – when should they be served?

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 places a requirement on building owners undertaking work on a party wall or excavating within the vicinity of the party wall, to serve party wall notices on the respective adjoining owners.  If is often the case that whilst building owners understand that they need to obtain planning and building […]

Dilapidations advice for Tenants

Schedules of Dilapidations are often something of a shock to many tenants who are unaware of their liabilities under their lease.  At the point of agreeing a lease, for many, the financial implications at the end of that lease are generally not considered and tenants often find that the Schedules of Dilapidations at the lease […]