Planned Maintenance Plan, London

We received instructions to inspect and review the condition of our Clients building in London. The building is a period terrace property extending over 4 floors. The building include commercial space to the lower floors with residential accommodation to the upper parts. There had been no repairs or redecoration works undertaken to the building for a number of years.

The Freeholder had also commissioned a number of reports on statutory compliance which highlighted shortcomings with fire detection and protection and electrical installations. An Energy Performance Certificate also set out recommendations for energy improvement works.

We reviewed all the reports commissioned, undertook a survey of the building, including both internal and external elements. A Planned Maintenance Plan set out repairs, redecoration and recommended upgrade works.

The Planned Maintenance Plan included works anticipated over the following 10 year period. The proposed works were costed and included in the budgets for the respective years. The purpose of the Plan was for budgeting purposes. The costs were indicative and final prices for any works are subject to contractors prices.

The Planned Maintenance Plan was issued to our Client who gave instructions to obtain quotations for works recommended for the first year of the plan. Tim Greenwood and Associates have prepared Planned Maintenance Plans on a wide range of buildings and understand the nature of buildings and the longevity of building components.