Schedule Of Conditions Reports

Schedule of Condition

As expert chartered building surveyors in Surrey, Tim Greenwood & Associates provide Schedule of Condition reports to safeguard commercial, industrial and residential properties across London and the South East. As specialist local building surveyors with over 20 years of professional experience overseeing Schedule of Condition reports for tenants, operators, and property owners, we are best placed to assist in protecting all parties’ best interests.

What is a Schedule of Conditions Report?

A Schedule of Conditions survey establishes a formal record of a property’s existing state before construction works or a new lease. This baseline assessment mitigates future disputes or claims, and facilitates a clear delineation of ownership, liability, and obligations across various scenarios:

1. New Leases

  • Determine tenant repairing responsibilities
  • Define landlord reinstatement requirements 
  • Avoid disputes over damages claims during or after the lease has ended

2. Construction Projects

  • Evidence of pre-existing property condition
  • Assess damages caused by building works
  • Agree on remedial actions between parties

3. Party Wall Awards

  • Record neighbouring property condition
  • Identify precise areas requiring remediation
  • Eliminate potential dispute avenues

It’s highly recommended to prepare Schedules of Conditions to clearly document a property’s condition (as well as neighbouring properties) before the commencement of building works. Whether you are beginning a new lease, planning major construction works, or have been served a party wall notice, it’s widely recommended to arrange a Schedule of Conditions.

How Does a RICS Schedule of Conditions Work?

As RICS-accredited chartered surveyors, we follow standardised procedures to deliver dependable and compliant Schedule of Condition reports. 

The Schedule of Conditions process would typically resemble the following steps:

  • RICS surveyors would review the proposed building plans to highlight areas needing inspection and inclusion.
  • One of our local chartered surveyors will arrange a thorough site survey of the property in question.
  • An in-depth, customised report – including photographs – would then be compiled.
  • The Schedule of Condition report would then be delivered by the RICS-approved surveyor to establish the existing property’s condition.

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Can I Get a Photographic Schedule of Conditions?

Schedules of Conditions can be prepared to suit individual client requirements, with reports containing a mixture of written descriptions and photographs. It’s highly recommended to request a condition report that contains a mixture of illustrations and written notes to avoid any ambiguity, however.

What’s the Difference Between a RICS Schedule of Conditions and a RICS Schedule of Dilapidations?

While a RICS Schedule of Conditions and a RICS Schedule of Dilapidations are similar in purpose, there are some key differences:

  • Schedules of Conditions are carried out before any construction or demolition works take place, to record the condition of a property or properties prior to changes being made. RICS Dilapidation reports record issues with the property in its current state.

  • A Schedule of Conditions sets a benchmark to assess any damage caused by works. A Schedule of Dilapidations report identifies work needed to bring a property to an acceptable standard at the end of a lease.

  • RICS Schedule of Conditions surveys help avoid disputes for all parties that may be involved in or affected by construction works. Schedules of Dilapidation primarily serve the landlord’s interest in reinstating their asset after a tenant exits.

In short, a RICS Condition survey aims to get agreement on a property’s starting condition before disruptive works, while a dilapidation report details repairs required at the end of a lease period. At Tim Greenwood & Associates, our expert chartered surveyors team can also assist with any dilapidation report matters, providing clear advice on whether you need a dilapidation report or a Schedule of Conditions.

Timely Schedule of Conditions Reports from a Trusted RICS Chartered Building Surveyor

With over two decades in the industry, our expert team has an established reputation for helping landlords, tenants, contractors, and property owners protect important investments while avoiding disputes.

For an obligation-free quote on a Schedule of Condition or any surveying service, contact Tim Greenwood & Associates today on 01737 829070 to speak with one of our chartered surveyors, or complete the contact form to submit an enquiry about a Schedule of Condition or Party Wall matter.