Defects Inspections

We had instructions from a Property Manager to report on cracking in a second floor flat above a commercial unit. The Lessee stated that the cracking followed building works on the ground floor.

The building was circa 80 years old, comprising of ground floor commercial space with 2 floors of flats above. The ground floor accommodation had recently been subject to a refurbishment project and this included some structural works.

We inspected the reported cracks. There was extensive cracking noted to one wall forming the party wall adjacent to the neighbouring flat. Internal walls at ground level had been removed which the second floor tenant claimed had caused structural damage.

To consider the potential movement we inspected all the neighbouring flats. Cracking and hollow plaster to the second floor flat was limited to one location. The defective plaster was hollow which confirmed it had de-bonded with the wall. There was no cracking found in corresponding walls in the neighbouring flat to the second floor or the first floor flats below.

There was no evidence of structural movement. The cracking was caused by the general deterioration and age of the plaster.

Tim Greenwood and Associates have the experience and expertise to review and diagnose defects. We always consider the visual evidence and reports provided to us. Any reports provided are reviewed which, along with our experience of building defects, enables us to diagnose defects.