Party Wall Award, London

The Building Owner was undertaking the refurbishment of a terraced property in London. The works included the construction of an additional timber framed structure above the second floor rear addition flat roof. The extension involved raising the party wall therefore party wall notices needed to be served on the neighbour.

The Building Owner started works without serving the party wall notices first. The works started and the neighbour advised that party wall notices were required so construction stopped.

Anna King was appointed by the Building Owner to act under the Party Wall Etc. Act 1996. Anna prepared party wall notices and served them on the adjoining owner. The neighbour dissented to the notices and appointed a party wall surveyor to act.

Anna King met with the adjoining owners’ party wall surveyor on site to assess the party wall implications. The newly constructed timber framed structure extended over the party wall line, which contravened the party wall legislation. The adjoining owner planned to construct a similar extension. The timber wall was built in the wrong place and its construction was not suitable for a party wall. The two party wall surveyors agreed the timber wall had to be taken down and be constructed in solid brickwork. This allowed both owners to enclose upon it for their respective extensions also providing a sufficient fire barrier between the two properties.

The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 sets out the rights and duties of building owners when undertaking works. Tim Greenwood and Associates understand and have extensive experience in dealing with party wall matters and can act for owners to ensure compliance with legislation. We recommend owners seek early advice on party walls to ensure full compliance with legislation prior to works commencing on site.