What is a dilapidations’ survey?

A dilapidations survey is where the condition of a property is assessed to determine a tenant’s reinstatement, redecoration and repairing obligations in accordance with the covenants of their lease. The surveyor would undertake a review of the lease prior to an inspection to assess and understand the extent of the tenant’s liabilities.  Those liabilities are […]

Reinstatement Cost Meaning

It is important to understand the difference between the reinstatement cost of a building as opposed to its market value. The reinstatement cost of a building relates to the sum it should be insured for in the event that a significant issue occurs, such as a fire, whereby the building will need to be reconstructed.  […]

Dilapidations Advice – Surrey

Our Client operated a dental surgery in Surrey and, due to his imminent retirement, the ownership of the dental practice was due to be transferred from him, the Senior Partner of the Practice, to another Partner. The Practice operated from the first floor of a building and the Lease for their demise was in the […]

Schedule of Condition – Horsham

We were contacted by a residential owner who was due to undertake an extension to his house in Horsham. The owner had served Party Wall Notices in accordance with the Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 on his neighbour.  The neighbour had consented to the works and therefore in accordance with the Party Wall legislation a […]

Dilapidations – Office Building London

Our Client occupied an office building in Central London on a short lease.  Their demise included 2 floors of a multi-occupied office building and each floor was subject to a separate lease.  Our Client contacted us on the day of their lease expiry, advising that they were vacating their demised space and needed advice on […]

Schedule of Condition, Dorking, Surrey

Our Client, was in negotiations to take the lease of a retail unit in Dorking High Street.  The retail unit formed the ground floor of a period property.  Due to the age of the building, and the fact there was wear and tear visible from the previous occupier, our Client was concerned about their potential […]

Licence for Alteration, London

Landlord’s Licence, London We were contacted by a Property Manager, who, on behalf of his Client, was seeking advice on Licences for Alterations in London.  The Property Manager’s Client was the Freehold owner of a building in Cadogan Gardens London SW1.  The Client had only recently acquired the Freehold of the building, formed of high […]

Party Wall Appointment – Cranleigh, Surrey

We are pleased to have been appointed by the Building Owners of a house in Cranleigh who are looking to undertake alterations and an extension to their property in Cranleigh.  We were initially approached by their their architect for advice in accordance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and the implication of the Act […]

Client care – understanding the services you require

All to often we receive enquiries from clients who ask for a quotation for a service because someone, possibly an agent or their solicitor has told them they need one.  In many situations we find that the client may not actually know or understand what they are asking for but are simply following up on […]

Schedule of Condition – Gomshall, Surrey

Our Client is acquiring the lease of a commercial unit in Gomshall, Surrey.  The property was previously occupied and following the departure of the previous tenant and it is understood that the Landlord has undertaken some stripping out works prior to our Clients lease commencement. Our Client is looking to complete on the lease imminently […]