Photographic Schedule of Condition, Wimbledon

Our Client, a Tenant, was agreeing a Lease on three industrial buildings in Wimbledon and the Lease was ready to sign. Our Client was under pressure to sign the Lease but had concerns over the condition of the buildings.

The Tenant instructed us to prepare a Photographic Schedule of Condition. The Landlord agreed to attached to the Schedule of Condition to the Lease. This would limit our Clients Lease liabilities for the duration of their short 3 year Lease.

Following instructions, we inspected a few day later. We found the Landlord undertaking internal works to the 3 units when we arrived. Our Client had not anticipated this which impacted our instruction. We advised our Client the Landlords works would supersede our Photographic Schedule of Condition.

The inspection was completed and we took photographs of the external and internal elements. Further photographs of the Landlords finished works were added to complete the Photographic Schedule. This provided clearer evidence of the internal condition at the commencement of the Lease.

At Tim Greenwood and Associates we understand that even simple instructions do not always progress as planned. We work with our Clients to deliver clear advice and adapt our services to ensure we deliver what our Clients require.