Water Leaks in Flats

We have recently had a number of enquiries relating to leaks from flats into their neighbours flats causing varying degrees of damage.  Water damage can range from a small leak to more substantial floods caused by faulty equipment, burst pipes or misuse. Whenever water escapes from a flat it will find the route of least […]

Reigate Litter Pick

Tim Greenwood and Associates are proud to be a member of the Reigate Business Guild which supports and serves the businesses and community in our town. We recently instigated and assisted in organising a Reigate Business Guild litter pick in the town which was a great success.  We had over 20 volunteers despite forecasts of […]

Schedule of Dilapidations – Fulham Road, London SW3

We are delighted to have been instructed on two dilapidations instructions on the Fulham Road in London. Our Client owns a building in the Fulham Road which includes a number of retail units on the ground floor with residential flats above.  The leases of two of the retail units are due to expire shortly, one […]

Noise Nuisance in Flats

Noise nuisance between neighbouring properties is an increasing problem, especially in flats.  Building regulations place conditions on new buildings but existing, especially period buildings, rarely offer such soundproofing and such buildings are often where noise issues and complaints are experienced.  There are two types of noise transfer airbourne and impact.  Airbourne sound transfer is through […]

What is a Schedule of Condition?

A Schedule of Condition is a document which records the condition of a building at the time of the inspection.   Schedules of condition can vary in detail with simple photographic schedules, with no text or commentary, through to detailed written reports with accompanying photographs. A Schedule of Condition can be prepared for a number of […]

I received a Schedule of Dilapidations what do I do?

If you are a tenant and you are nearing the end of your lease, your landlord may have served a schedule of dilapidations on you.  This can often come as a surprise to a tenant and the value of many claims can come as a nasty shock.  Whilst any dilapidations claim may be unexpected and […]

Dilapidations Survey Checklist

There is a standard approach for undertaking any dilapidations survey to ensure that a schedule of dilapidations, which forms the landlord’s claim against the tenant, is a fair reflection of the tenant’s obligations in accordance with their lease. A surveyor will need to request all the relevant documentation from the landlord to make sure that […]

Schedule of Condition – London

Our Client, the freehold owner of a building in Camden High Street, was in advanced negotiations with the incoming tenant and was looking to complete the lease imminently.  The property was a period building in a prominent location along Camden High Street, which formed two demises. The property comprised of a retail unit on the […]

Dilapidations Advice – Epsom, Surrey

Our Client owned a practice in Epsom which operated a surgery.  Our Client was due to retire and was proposing to sell the ownership of the business to a colleague and wanted to terminate the Lease for their demise, which was in his name, early for his colleague to then agree a new lease directly […]

Dilapidations Survey Template

A dilapidations survey is undertaken at the end of the lease.  This provides the information for the landlord’s surveyor to prepare a schedule of dilapidations which is a claim against the tenant and this is included in a template which forms part of the schedule of dilapidations report. The schedule of dilapidations is the basis […]