Licences to Alter – London

Tim Greenwood and Associates act for a Landlords and Property Managers advising on Licences to Alter.

Tenants looking to undertake some works require a Licence to Alter. The need for a licence will be dependant on the lease terms and the works being undertaken. Licences are typically required if there are structural works proposed, the installation of hard floor finishes and alterations to services including alterations to kitchens and bathrooms. We also ensure that statutory consents are in place where required.

We recommend that landlords place careful controls on works. This is to protect the landlord, neighbouring lessees and the tenant undertaking the works. We review and report on the proposed works. Our review will comment on the proposals and make recommendations where further information is required.

We recommend that a tenant’s works are monitored on site to ensure that the construction completed matches the agreed works. Our experience has shown that contractors do not always follow the agreed specifications. Failure to follow approved details can lead to issues at the end of the project which can lead to costly remedial works being required, so compliance is essential.

At the end of the works we collate any ‘as built’ drawings and details, guarantees, certificates and sign off documentation as required. This documentation also forms part of the Licence.

It is recommended that tenants place a deposit with the Landlord before starting works. The deposit is designed to cover the costs of any damage or unpaid fees. Once the works are complete and any outstanding information settled, then the deposit is returned to the tenant.