Acoustic Floors Between Flats

Noise transmission through floors between flats is a nuisance. This is especially the case where there are hard floors. Tim Greenwood and Associates work for Landlords and advise when tenants wish to install hard floors in their licences to alter.

We deal with residential blocks in London, many of which predate modern building construction standards. These blocks often have separating floors between flats with little or no acoustic attenuation. Blocks typically require the flats to have carpets in all rooms except kitchens and bathrooms. Carpets reduce sound transmission between flats so replacing them with hard finishes can create a noise nuisance.

Current fashion is for hard floors in living areas which leases often prohibit. Landlords will however typically consider permitting the installation of hard floors if they include sufficient acoustic insulation. This is to ensure the hard floors do not create a noise nuisance.

When dealing with the installation of acoustic floors we follow a scientific process. This removes subjective views on the performance of the new floors and avoid noise nuisance complaints.

Tim Greenwood and Associates initially require tenants to undertake acoustic tests of the existing floor. This will include the need for the original floor coverings being in place at the time of testing. The tenant then prepares proposed floor build-up details to include the required acoustic insulation to achieve the same performance as the original floor. The build-up should be designed by an acoustic engineer confirm it achieves the required acoustic performance.

Once the new floor is installed the tenant has to undertake a final acoustic test. This test is to confirm the floor build-up achieves the required acoustic performance.

Tim Greenwood and Associates assist landlords and property managers with the installation of hard floors in flats. We understand the issues and problems faced when installing hard floors. We work with all parties to avoid causing noise nuisances between neighbours which can lead to costly disputes and reification works.