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Drawing from extensive local experience offering advice and assistance on Schedules of Dilapidations in Guildford and further afield, Tim Greenwood offers situation specific advice tailored to suit the needs of both landlords and tenants.

From drawing up a dilapidations schedule, to offering advice on disputing a claim, our expert team are able to help on a range of matters. Where detailed Schedules of Dilapidations reports are concerned, Tim Greenwood & Associates are the local authority on the matter.

A Schedule of Dilapidations is a document that is designed to provide details of the physical state of a property. This is normally drawn up towards the end of, or following the end of a lease and is designed to benefit both the landlord and the tenant in order to prevent disputes from occurring. It sets out the tenants lease liabilities in clear terms, detailing elements of the property that have fallen into disrepair during the tenancy. It also serves to provide information on redecoration requirements and reinstatement alterations. A Schedule of Dilapidations is normally served at the end of a lease, but an interim Schedule of Dilapidations can be served where necessary.

It is essential that the landlord makes sure that tenants are taking on the responsibility for maintaining the state of the property, ensuring that it is well kept within the lease guidelines. A landlord should always want a property to be returned in the best condition that provisions will allow following the end of a lease. By requesting a Schedule of Dilapidations with Tim Greenwood & Associates, clients are able to ensure that such conditions are easily met in the form of renovation works.

The Importance of a Schedule of Dilapidation

It is essential that a landlord provides their tenants with enough time to make good on a Schedule of Dilapidations. To do this, a Dilapidations Schedule would ideally be issues before the end of a lease. If the Schedule is issued following the end of a tenancy, this could negate the validity of the claims made in the report. This could lead to disputes arising and a court case needed in order to resolve such matters.

Where tenants are concerned, we always recommend that they do not wait to be issued with a Dilapidations Schedule if they are aware that work needs doing. By scheduling professional dilapidation advice from a reputable surveyor beforehand, you can potentially save money and can make the necessary preparations for renovation costs. This also allows tenants to retain some control over the dilapidation schedule process.

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With a focus on ensuring client satisfaction, and experience assisting both residential and commercial clients, Tim Greenwood & Associates are here to help.

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Tim Greenwood & Associates offer a range of surveying services designed to provide clients with all the relevant information they need. In addition to our Schedules of Dilapidations in Guildford and further afield, we also provide Expert Witness Reports, Schedules of Conditions, Compliance Surveys and more. Whatever your personal requirements, our team of experienced chartered surveyors are ready to help.

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