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Albert Court – Fire Restoration Works

In February 2007 Albert Court suffered a major fire resulting in fire damage to 3 no. flats and 1 no. penthouse, with water damage to a further 11 flats between basement and sixth floor level.  In addition, enabling structural works in relation to 2 further penthouses was also significantly damaged.  Tim was appointed on behalf of the Management Company to manage the whole of the restoration programme.f

Acting as Lead Consultant Tim managed a team of structural, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers; prepared specifications, sought tenders and thereafter administered the refurbishment programmes for most flats; Tim was also responsible for approval of lessees’ applications for landlord’s licences for alteration as part of the refurbishment of their flats; coordinating works with 2 no. architectural and project teams appointed by individual lessees for refurbishments; preparation of all Listed Building and Building Regulation submissions required; liaison and coordination with the developer’s project team in relation to remedial works to structural supports, and thereafter construction of 2 no. penthouses on site during the fire restoration programme.

Further, Tim was responsible for all reporting between the management board and the insurers, and coordination of all claims. The final restoration bill was some circa £15M, excluding loss of rent and other claims.


Should you require further information, then please do not hesitate to contact Tim Greenwood (timgreenwood@tg-a.co.uk, tel: 01293 804671).

Schedule of Condition, Industrial Hanger, Redhill

We acted on behalf of a Client looking to take a short lease of an industrial hanger in Redhill, Surrey.

The hanger was in the region of 50 years old and in poor condition. Our Client was due to take on a fully repairing and insuring lease. The tenant was advised by his agent to protect his interests by limiting his future repairing liabilities so that he was not held responsible for repairs that were already evident.

We were instructed to carry out an inspection of the building and take a photographic record of its condition. The inspection included all internal and external elements, including the use of an access hoist to allow the inspection of the roof, which was formed by a series of pitched structures.

The condition of the roof was poor and the photographs highlighted the poor state of the corrugated asbestos roof and bands of glazing. There was extensive moss growth on the roof coverings, the asbestos sheets were cracking and becoming friable, and as a result a number of leaks were suffered internally. The roof was nearing the end of its economic life. Failure to record the condition of the coverings and limiting our Clients repairing obligations would have resulted in the client being held responsible for costly repair or replacement of the roof at the lease expiry.

We prepared a Photographic Schedule of Condition and issued this to the Client which was then attached to the lease, limiting his future repairing liabilities.

IMG_2581   For further information please contact Anna King (anna_king@tg-a.co.uk , tel: 01293 804672).

Residential Block Licences

Over the last 16 years Tim Greenwood has acted on behalf of a number of landlords or residential management companies, offering advice on a wide range of building surveying matters.   A key role has been acting as landlord’s surveyor dealing with lessees’ applications for obtaining licences from their landlords prior to commencing alteration works.

Tim’s experience has enabled him to guide landlords or management companies in developing strict protocols and has introduced clear and concise conditions tailored to each residential block. These conditions are prepared for the benefit of the management companies and lessees so works undertaken cause minimum disruption to the wider body of residents or the day-to-day operations of the blocks. The licence conditions are ultimately embodied in the final licence agreement the terms of which must be followed by the lessees’ consultants and contractors at every stage of their works.

Tim works closely with the lessee’s appointed architects and contractors, as well as on-site staff. His role includes carrying our out regular inspections, reporting on structural works, alterations to mechanical and electrical services, sound-proofing and water-proofing details. When required, Tim has appointed a range of specialist consultants, including structural, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers to assist in assessing and reporting upon the lessees’ proposals.

The variety of licences governed and controlled by Tim range from small scale works of a few thousand pounds up to £6 million refurbishment projects.

Licence Photo for website Should you require further information, then please do not hesitate to contact Tim Greenwood (timgreenwood@tg-a.co.uk, tel: 01293 804671).

Albert Hall Mansions – Goods Lift Restoration

Tim Greenwood & Associates (TGA) were appointed to act on behalf of the Right to Manage Company of Block 5, Albert Hall Mansions to undertake a feasibility study of the refurbishment and/or replacement of the 40-year old goods lift. The performance of the goods lift was erratic, the lift car was small and not fit for purpose.

Working with lift consultants, Gerald Honey Partnership, TGA advised on the replacement of the goods lift and shaft. This included obtaining Planning and Listed Building Consent for the new shaft and lift car which was almost four times the size of the original installation. Following the success of the Listed Building and Planning applications, TGA prepared specifications and obtained tenders for the removal of the existing goods lift car and shaft and construction of the new installation.

Tim acted as Lead Consultant and Project Manager, as well as Contract Administrator coordinating structural engineers, lift consultants and environmental engineers, who advised on the removal of asbestos within the original shaft.

Tim also successfully negotiated and agreed use of part of a neighbouring site to provide space for the contractors’ site accommodation and storage.

Once complete the new goods lift car will be temporarily be put into use as a passenger lift, enabling refurbishment of the existing passenger lift, landing entrances, equipment and controls.

The overall budget for this project is £650,000.

P1030777 For further information please contact Tim Greenwood (timgreenwood@tg-a.co.uk, tel: 01293 804671).

Albert Court – Penthouse Development

Tim Greenwood was appointed as surveyor to Albert Court in 1998. At that time Planning and Listed Building Consent had been obtained for 6 penthouse apartments on the roof. Tim discovered that the agreement between the freeholder and the developer had excluded any consideration or input from the residents or the Residents’ Management Board. Following instruction, Tim carried out an audit of the proposals, reporting to the Management Board.

Tim was thereafter instructed to work closely with the developer’s team, approving all elements of construction, including temporary works, structural alterations, and construction of the penthouse apartments, acting as the interface between the Residents’ Board and the developers. Tim’s role also included inspection of the prefabricated penthouse modules in the factory, ensuring that all structural and fabric elements were in accordance with the agreed specifications.

Two penthouse apartments were constructed to a shell and core stage only, following which Tim was responsible for acting as landlord’s surveyor in approving and monitoring the lessees’ fit-out works. At a later date Tim has acted as landlord’s surveyor in approving major alterations to the modular structure of one penthouse apartment as part of further lessees’ application for landlord’s approval.

Should you require any further information then please contact Tim Greenwood (timgreenwood@tg-a.co.uk, tel: 01293 804671).

AC Penthouse Development S5000775

Millpond, Waterside Court, Carshalton

Tim Greenwood was appointed as surveyor to act on behalf of the Management Company in relation to a dispute between leaseholders and the developer of Waterside Court, Carshalton. Various leaks had been suffered by lessees following completion of the development, resulting in substantial damages internally. Tim was appointed to identify the faults and defects in construction, and thereafter prepare specifications in relation to remedial works.

Tenders were thereafter sought on the basis of the specification and used as the basis for settlement of the claim with the developer, following which remedial works are to be implemented on site.

Tim coordinated his inspections with a specialist leak detection company and worked closely with the lessees’ Managing Agent, Management Board and legal advisors in progressing the claim with the original developer.

For further information please contact Tim Greenwood (timgreenwood@tg-a.co.uk, tel: 01293 804671).

Albert Court – Basement Development

Albert Court suffered a major fire in 2007, with resulting damage to some 15 flats.

As part of the Board’s response to this fire, a full review was undertaken of fire safety and fire precautions at the block.  Tim worked closely with the appointed consultants, the Fire Protection Association (FPA) in reviewing the recommendations identified by the FPA and reporting upon the implications of these recommendations to the Management Board, and thereinafter ensuring the successful implementation of the recommendations with the on-site property management and building management staff.

A state of the art wireless fire alarm and detection system was installed to all apartments, linking with intermediate transmitter ariels and relay panels to the main control panel at the porter’s desk.

One of the risks identified was the presence of a charitable kitchen sited in the basement area which had operated for some 40 years, serving the students of the neighbouring Imperial College.  The position of this accommodation was high-risk, both in relation to the means of escape for the users and also for the fire brigade’s ability access the area in the event of a fire.

Tim identified alternative accommodation within the block, re-siting the kitchen and dining room facilities and associated accommodation to basement storage vaults to the north of the building.  These vaults had been used for storage over many years, were of poor quality, with compacted earth floors and restricted head height.

Tim prepared, submitted and managed Planning and Listed Building submissions to the Local Authority, and after a period of 18 months, successfully obtained the necessary statutory approvals.  Thereafter Tim worked closely with the Management Board and their appointed legal advisors in agreeing terms for the relocation of the kitchen and dining room uses to the northern vaults with the Management Company taking possession of the vacated accommodation.

Tim worked in conjunction with the charitable kitchens’ architectural and contract team in relation to the alterations to the northern vaults to provide the necessary kitchen accommodation.  These works include the excavation of floor levels to increase the storey height by 1 m, structural alterations to internal load-bearing walls and foundations, as well as alterations externally to create new entrances, and underpinning of internal and external load-bearing walls.

Schedules of Condition were prepared for all flats 2 storeys above the development site which could be affected by the works.

Tim has agreed detailed terms and conditions with the developer with the aim of minimising the noise nuisance and disruption to lessees in the immediate vicinity, as well as to the wider lessees’ body.

Tim also guided the developer’s team in relation to a range of demolition techniques available with the aim of maximising the contractor’s productive time on site whilst minimising the risk of nuisance to adjoining flats.  Tim continues to inspect the works regularly, in conjunction with the block’s appointed structural engineer.  The works having commenced in mid-2013 are expected to run through to the end of 2014 before these are complete.

For further information please contact Tim Greenwood (timgreenwood@tg-a.co.uk, tel: 01293 804671).


Albert Court – Central London

Tim Greenwood has been the surveyor advising the Management Board at Albert Court for the last 16 years. His appointment includes responsibility for a variety of property matters including:-

  •  The preparation, annual review and reporting upon preventative planned maintenance programmes, budgets and reserve fund contributions;
  • Preparation of specifications, obtaining tenders and implementation of repair and maintenance works;
  • Acting as landlord’s surveyor in approving lessees’ licences for alteration and monitoring the works undertaken;
  • Auditing, approving and monitoring the development of 6 penthouse apartments by two separate developers, including:-
    • The inspection and approval of works on site;
    • Preparation of various Planning and Listed Building applications;
    • Preparation of feasibility studies for improvement projects to the block;
    • Acting on behalf of the Management Board in relation to a variety of legal matters, including providing expert witness reports for Court
    • Acting as Lead Consultant and Contract Administrator/Project Manager in relation to fire restoration works following a major fire in 2007.

Tim Greenwood has overseen a number of specific projects from minor, low value projects to major development works. Some of the larger projects Tim has undertaken are:-

  • Phased cycles of repair and redecoration works to the external elevations, including brick/stone cleaning and repair, external redecoration and refurbishment of windows, pipework and other sundry repairs. Contract value total £1.5 million.
  • Four phases of light well restoration programmes, including repairs to glazed brickwork, structural repairs, repair of dilapidated concrete cills and full redecoration. Contract value total £1.7 million.
  • Reinstatement and refurbishments works to 15 flats following fire and water damage, with a refurbishment budget in the region of £15.0 million.
  • Approval and monitoring of penthouse developments with a development value of £40 million.
  • Preparation of master plans in relation to basement development works to create additional residential and leisure accommodation, potentially adding £75 million to the value of the building.
  • Acting as landlord’s surveyor on over 50 Licence for Alteration applications, including monitoring works on site and developing the controls/processes governing lessees’ works.

Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact Tim Greenwood Greenwood (timgreenwood@tg-a.co.uk, tel: 01293 804671).

Princes Gate Court – Decentralisation of Heating, Hot Water and Cold Water Services

Tim Greenwood & Associates were appointed as Lead Consultants and Project Managers in relation to the decentralisation of heating and hot and cold water services to the 42 apartments of Princes Gate Court. This 1936 block suffered increasing problems of leakage from heating, hot and cold services resulting in great disruption to the lessees and an increasing number of costly insurance claims. The original services rose in four or five risers through each flat.

A new boosted cold water service was installed to the rear service stairwells, and thereafter a programme was presented to the lessees for the changeover from communal to independent services. This included connection of each flat to the new boosted cold water service, and the installation of independent boilers to each flat to provide their own heating and hot water.

Tim acted as landlord’s surveyor in approving lessees’ proposals for works inside their flats, whilst liaising with the block’s mechanical consultant and lessees’ contractors. This enabled him to provide guidance to individual leaseholders on how works could be undertaken with minimal disruption to individual flats, avoiding the need for wholesale refurbishment of flats or disruption of internal finishes. This programme was implemented over a four year period and all lessees were provided with independent services by the target date of September 2013.

Dilapidations, Bristol

Our Client occupied a 5 storey office building in Bristol, under a fully repairing and insuring lease. The lease was due to expire in September 2013 and several months prior to this our Client, concerned about their end of lease repairing obligations, approached their landlord to enquire about the potential dilapidations claim that would be served on them. The landlord would not engage in discussions prior to the lease end so we were instructed to prepare a dilapidations assessment setting out the anticipated items of claim and the likely cost of such works. We completed this instruction three months prior to the lease end it allowing our Client to formulate their exit strategy. This assessment allowed our Client to decide whether to undertake the dilapidations works prior to their lease end, as they were entitled to do, or to wait for the formal claim from the landlord to be prepared and negotiate a cash settlement. In undertaking this instruction we reviewed the lease documentation, undertook a survey of the building and prepared a report setting out our Clients liabilities and the anticipated costs for the works required to address those liabilities. For further information please contact Anna King (anna_king@tg-a.co.uk , tel: 01293 804672).

Party Wall Matters, London

Our Client recently acquired a small residential block in central London, adjacent to which a significant development was being undertaken which included the excavations for a double basement.

The development had required Party Wall notices to be issued in accordance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996 on the adjacent properties, including the property purchased by Client. On acquiring the building, the party wall documentation was not passed on to our Client as it should have been, and with no documentation provided our Client was concerned about the potential impact of the adjacent development on his property.

We were instructed to advise our Client on the party wall legislation, its’ implications and our Client’s rights under the Party Wall Act. We worked closely with our Client’s solicitors and following their legal enquiries, the Party Wall Awards prepared on behalf of, and published to, the previous owner were finally made available to our Client.

We were instructed to review the Awards, and consulted with the developers working on the adjacent site. We were able to advise our Client on the content of the Awards, the issues that he had inherited from his buildings previous owner and his rights in accordance with legislation.

For further information please contact Anna King (anna_king@tg-a.co.uk , tel: 01293 804672).

Building Survey, Industrial Unit, St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Our Client, was looking to buy the freehold of an industrial unit in St Neots, Cambridgeshire and wanted to understand the condition of their proposed investment. The unit was occupied and whilst the tenants full repairing and insuring lease had a number of years to run, our Client wanted to identify the building defects and other potential issues which might impact on his investment. We were instructed us to carry out a building survey and undertook an inspection of the external and internal elements, using an access hoist to inspect the roof areas. A report was then prepared which provided the client with details of the defects identified and made recommendations for the remedy of those issues. The report enabled the Client to complete his acquisition of the building with an understanding of its condition and the potential issues that may impact on the building in the future.

For further information please contact Anna King (anna_king@tg-a.co.uk , tel: 01293 804672).

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Dilapidations, Gildersome, West Yorkshire

Our Client occupied two adjoining industrial units in Gildersome, West Yorkshire under separate leases and had interconnected the two buildings for their operational purposes. There were 5 years left to run on both leases and our Client was looking to plan for their end of lease dilapidations’ liabilities so instructed us to carry out a Dilapidations Assessment to set out their anticipated dilapidations liabilities.

In undertaking this instruction we reviewed the lease and licence documentation and undertook a survey of the property, which included hiring an access hoist to inspect and identify high level and roof defects.

The inspection highlighted a number of defects at high level some of which if left unattended would deteriorate further and should they not be addressed until the lease end could be significantly worse and more costly to deal with.

The report we produced, whilst setting out the dilapidations’ issues and their anticipated costs, included recommendations for works to be done in the short and medium term, especially where they were progressively deteriorating. This information and advice allowed our Client not only to budget for works in 5 years at the lease end, but also to plan general maintenance works to prevent current defects deteriorating further.

For further information please contact Anna King (anna_king@tg-a.co.uk , tel: 01293 804672).

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Dilapidations, Knottingly, West Yorkshire

Our Client was the freehold owner of an industrial unit in Knottingly which was occupied by a tenant under a full repairing and insuring lease. The tenant exercised the break option within their lease and then decided to stay in the building but wanted to negotiate a new lease with our Client, with one important change, that being to limit their future repairing obligations.

After many discussions, agreement was reached to limit the tenants repairing liabilities requiring them to maintain the building to the current condition only and not to the standard typical of a fully repairing and insuring lease.

The tenant’s surveyor prepared a Photographic Schedule of Condition. Tim Greenwood & Associates were instructed to carry out an inspection of the building to check and comment upon the schedule which was to be attached to the new lease.

The inspection was undertaken and, in addition to agreeing the schedule, we reviewed the condition of the building, taking into consideration the tenants liabilities under their existing lease. It was apparent that the tenants’ maintenance regime was not fully compliant with their current lease requirements. Accordingly we recommended our Client to impose conditions on the tenant, in conjunction with agreeing a new lease for the backlog of repairs and maintenance issues to be completed within one year of the new lease. With this approach our client was able to agree terms, whilst ensuring no further deterioration occurred to the fabric, structure and services, thereby maintaining his long-term asset value.

For further information please contact Anna King (anna_king@tg-a.co.uk , tel: 01293 804672).


Pre-Acquisition Schedule of Condition, Hammersmith, West London

We were approached by our client, who was due to take the lease of a small café/retail unit in Hammersmith but, due to the condition of the unit, wanted to limit their potential lease liabilities.

We were instructed to undertake a site inspection and record the condition of the unit prior to agreeing the lease and preparing a Schedule of Condition setting out the condition and defects currently visible in the unit.

We prepared a detailed Schedule of Condition which was issued to the client and for attaching to the lease limiting their liabilities at the lease end.

For further information please contact Anna King (anna_king@tg-a.co.uk, tel: 01293 804672).




Residential Survey, Belgravia, London

We received an instruction from our client to undertake a building survey of a period residential property in Belgravia, London, prior to them purchasing the building.

We undertook a building survey of the property assessing the condition of the external elements, from which a number of defects were identified. The inspection included a detailed study of the internal condition of the property which was also subject to a number of significant defects which highlighted to the client the potential liabilities he would be exposed to as the property owner.

We prepared a detailed report setting out the findings of the inspection, identifying the defects and the potential effects of those issues and made recommendations for further specialist advice on some defects prior to purchase.

For further information please contact Anna King (anna_king@tg-a.co.uk, tel: 01293 804672).