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  • Party Wall Appointment


  • Tottenham, London

Instruction Details

We have recently been appointed as Adjoining Owner Surveyor under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 to agree a party wall award on their behalf.  Our Appointing Owner (the adjoining owner) was served notice by a housing association, the owner of the neighbouring site, who are planning to undertake a major development of the adjacent site.  The development is proposed to be undertaken in 2 phases with the first phase to include the construction of an ancillary building with the construction of the main structure to follow in the second phase.  The works to both phases will require the construction of piled foundations which require notice under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and the notice for the first phase has been served and a party wall award needs to be prepared and agreed.

Upon receipt of a party wall notice the Adjoining Owner appointed us under the terms of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 to agree the party wall award.  We are currently in discussions with the party wall surveyor acting for the housing association to agree the party wall award.  The final party wall award will include details of the proposed works and a schedule of condition of our appointing owners property prior to the works commencing.  We have reviewed the details of the planned development relevant to the party wall legislation and have met the surveyor on site to prepare and agree the schedule of condition and are in discussions with the surveyor to agree the party wall award which once agreed, will be served on our both the housing association and my appointing owner.  After the party wall award has been published to the owners the first phase of works can then proceed.

The party wall notice and initial party wall award only relate to the first phase of the development and a further award will be required for the second phase which will need to be agreed once the first phase is completed.