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  • Albert Court, Central London

Instruction Details

Tim Greenwood has been the surveyor advising the Management Board at Albert Court for the last 16 years. His appointment includes responsibility for a variety of property matters including:-

  •  The preparation, annual review and reporting upon preventative planned maintenance programmes, budgets and reserve fund contributions;
  • Preparation of specifications, obtaining tenders and implementation of repair and maintenance works;
  • Acting as landlord’s surveyor in approving lessees’ licences for alteration and monitoring the works undertaken;
  • Auditing, approving and monitoring the development of 6 penthouse apartments by two separate developers, including:-
    • The inspection and approval of works on site;
    • Preparation of various Planning and Listed Building applications;
    • Preparation of feasibility studies for improvement projects to the block;
    • Acting on behalf of the Management Board in relation to a variety of legal matters, including providing expert witness reports for Court
    • Acting as Lead Consultant and Contract Administrator/Project Manager in relation to fire restoration works following a major fire in 2007.

Tim Greenwood has overseen a number of specific projects from minor, low value projects to major development works. Some of the larger projects Tim has undertaken are:-

  • Phased cycles of repair and redecoration works to the external elevations, including brick/stone cleaning and repair, external redecoration and refurbishment of windows, pipework and other sundry repairs. Contract value total £1.5 million.
  • Four phases of light well restoration programmes, including repairs to glazed brickwork, structural repairs, repair of dilapidated concrete cills and full redecoration. Contract value total £1.7 million.
  • Reinstatement and refurbishments works to 15 flats following fire and water damage, with a refurbishment budget in the region of £15.0 million.
  • Approval and monitoring of penthouse developments with a development value of £40 million.
  • Preparation of master plans in relation to basement development works to create additional residential and leisure accommodation, potentially adding £75 million to the value of the building.
  • Acting as landlord’s surveyor on over 50 Licence for Alteration applications, including monitoring works on site and developing the controls/processes governing lessees’ works.

Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact Tim Greenwood Greenwood (, tel: 01737 829070).