Licence for Alterations in London, Surrey and SussexWe act on behalf of a number of residential and commercial property owners in receiving and handling lessees’ applications for landlord’s approval.

On reviewing such applications we ensure the lessees’ aims are not at conflict with the building itself, are compliant with the Lease terms and do not establish any potential future problems with the building or, indeed, adjoining lessees or occupiers.

In particular we ensure full compliance with all statutory requirements, including building control and Health & Safety matters and ensure best practice when it comes to issues of alterations to services, sound proofing, water proofing and structural alterations.

License For Altercations London

As part of our advice to clients we engage a number of external consultants to provide expert advice in relation to structural alterations, mechanical, electrical and environmental issues and, where we can, work with lessees’ architects, surveyors and project managers to ensure a smooth and timely process to the benefit of landlord, lessee and adjoining owners/occupiers.

We also work with lessees’ architects and project teams to prepare, submit and manage applications for landlord’s approvals on a wide range of residential and commercial property.

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