What is included in a Schedule of Condition?

Schedules of Condition can vary greatly in their detail and scope.  It is important to understand what will be included in it.

Schedules of Condition typically include text and supporting photographs however some can be purely photographic. The requirement for detailed text or photographs, or both, should be considered. Each Schedule of Condition is bespoke depending upon the Clients requirements.

We generally recommend that a Schedule of Condition includes detailed text description along with photos. The text should include descriptions of each element and commentary on their condition.  

Photographic Schedules of Condition are sometimes sufficient. They can be limited and minor defects are not always visible. We recommend detailed text be included so defects are clear. If the schedule is not clear then it is difficult to identify defects if they occur.

A Schedule of Condition records the condition of the property at a point in time. This can be checked at a later date to determine if there are any variations or differences in the condition of defects within the property.

Tim Greenwood prepares Schedules of Condition for different instructions. We prepare them Schedule of Condition for Clients undertaking building works, recording the condition of adjacent properties and include them in Party Wall Awards. This is to determine if those works cause damage to adjacent areas or properties. Tenants often have Schedules of Condition prepared to before signing their lease to limit their lease liabilities.

At Tim Greenwood and Associates we can advise on the importance and value of Schedules of Condition and how best to prepare them to benefit our Clients.