What is a dilapidations’ survey?

A dilapidations survey is where the condition of a property is assessed to determine a tenant’s reinstatement, redecoration and repairing obligations in accordance with the covenants of their lease.

The surveyor would undertake a review of the lease prior to an inspection to assess and understand the extent of the tenant’s liabilities.  Those liabilities are then considered within the demised space as set out in the lease.  The surveyor would undertake a survey of the demise, looking at the nature and condition of each element within it and take detailed notes and measurement of any elements relevant to the dilapidations claim.

The surveyor will be looking to assess the claim to cover a number of elements, to include reinstatement items, elements in disrepair, statutory requirements and redecoration.  The survey would include collating or collecting information on all these items in line with the lease obligations and any conditions that the tenant is liable for in yielding up, which is also set out in the lease.

A dilapidations survey needs to be undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the lease and it is generally recommended, but not always essential, that this is undertaken prior to the lease expiry. 

Tim Greenwood and Associates have a detailed knowledge of the dilapidation process and the legal protocols that should be complied with.  We work with Landlords and Tenants and their solicitors providing advices on dilapidation matters.  Please contact us for further information and advice.