Urgent Schedule of Condition – Bordon, Hampshire

We received a referral from a solicitor we have worked with for many years to assist one of their clients. The instruction was to prepare a schedule of condition of an industrial unit in Bordon, Hampshire.

The Client was taking the lease of an industrial unit and was concerned over their future dilapidations liabilities. The Landlord had agreed to undertake works that would address some of the issues however not all. Our Client gave us instructions to prepare a Schedule of Condition of the unit following completion of the Landlords works. We had limited time to undertake and complete this instruction.

The inspection was to include the roof and to inspect this we required an access hoist. The Landlord provided high level access during the refurbishment works so we carried out this instruction in two inspections. In the first inspection we surveyed the roof and recorded its condition following the newly completed repairs. The second inspection, a week later, included the remaining recently completed external and internal elements.

The Landlord completed the repairs and we undertook our second inspection the following day. We had 2 days to inspect and issue the Schedule of Condition. We inspected, prepared and issued the Schedule of Condition within 24 hours of the second site inspection.

Our Client and the Landlord were delighted that the Schedule of Condition was completed to allow the Lease to be signed as agreed.

Tim Greenwood and Associates understand the time critical nature of instructions to ensure that we deliver our services in accordance with our clients requirements.

We undertake schedules of condition in London and the south-east and have the capacity to issue a quick turnaround to meet our Clients’ requirements. Should you require any further information or advice please contact us