Schedules of Condition, Finchley London

We are delighted to have instructions to undertake Schedules of Condition in a residential block in Finchley. The instruction came from a structural engineering practice providing structural advice on a flat refurbishment in Finchley, London.

Our instruction was to inspect and record the condition of the neighbouring flats prior to structural works being commenced.  We inspected the neighbouring flats and prepared Schedules of Condition. These Schedules were issued to the respective flat owners for their agreement. 

When major structural works are undertaken there is always a risk of damage to neighbouring flats.  It is therefore important to protect the neighbouring owners from potential damage and also the flat owner from potential claims.

The Schedule of Condition of each flat sets out their condition prior to the works starting. In the event there is reported damage, the Schedules of Condition can be reviewed and any claim fairly assessed.

A Schedule of Condition was undertaken of the external elements of the building. This was to allow any damage caused during the works to the external elements to be clearly identifiable. 

Upon completion of the works the condition of the flats and the external common parts can be inspected and reviewed. This will then determine if there is any damage caused so, if necessary the remedial works required can be agreed.