Schedule of Dilapidations, The Strand, London

We received an enquiry from a Property Manager for a Schedule of Dilapidations. The Schedule was for an office suite adjacent to a theatre on The Strand London. The Lease had 2 weeks left to run from date of the initial enquiry. A Tenant should be notified of items of reinstatement before Lease expiry. This instruction was time critical.

We provided clear advice to our Client highlighting the need to prepare the Schedule of Dilapidations promptly. Upon instructions we reviewed the Lease and carried out a site inspection within a few days. The Schedule of Dilapidations was prepared for formal service on the outgoing Tenant. This included items of reinstatement. The Schedule of Dilapidations was prepared and served promptly before Lease expiry.

Our Client was able to reach a successful financial settlement with the outgoing Tenant.

As experienced dilapidations surveyors we provide our Clients with clear advice on the issues impacting a dilapidations claim. We set out the the factors to consider and the strategy to deal with them.

Tim Greenwood and Associates acts for both Landlords and Tenants. We understand how lease’s impact Landlords and Tenants, and we advise our Clients through the dilapidations process.