Schedule of Dilapidations – Shere near Guildford, Surrey

Tim Greenwood and Associates are to prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations on a property in Shere near Guildford, Surrey.

The property is a small retail unit in Shere, Surrey.  The lease for the property is due to expire later in 2020 and our Client, the Landlord, wants to ensure that the tenant is in full compliance of his lease obligations. Those obligations include their dilapidation requirements in accordance with the provisions of the lease.

Our Client has instructed Tim Greenwood and Associates to review the lease, and undertake a survey of the property.  During the inspection we will assess the condition of the property  in conjunction with the tenants lease obligations. We will then prepare a schedule of dilapidations which will set out the breaches along with the remedies required.  The tenant can decide to undertake the works prior to the lease end. Alternatively the tenant can negotiate a financial settlement with the landlord to compensate him for the outstanding lease obligations.

Tim Greenwood and Associates have extensive experience in dealing with dilapidations matters.  We understand lease covenants and the requirements for tenants to comply with their lease obligations.