Schedule of Dilapidations – Fulham Road, London SW3

We are delighted to have been instructed on two dilapidations instructions on the Fulham Road in London.

Our Client owns a building in the Fulham Road which includes a number of retail units on the ground floor with residential flats above.  The leases of two of the retail units are due to expire shortly, one later in the year and the second in Spring next year.

We have been instructed to prepare Schedules of Dilapidations on both the retail units in anticipation of the respective lease ends’.  We have arranged to inspect the first retail unit where the lease expires at the end of this year and will undertake an survey of the demise, taking measurements of the demise and details of the property.  The details will enable us to prepare the Schedule of Dilapidations.  This schedule will include all elements of reinstatement, redecoration, repair and statutory requirements that are applicable in accordance with the lease terms.  The Schedule of Dilapidations will be costed in accordance with RICS guidance and legal protocols.  Once prepared the Schedule of Dilapidations’ will be sent to our Client’s solicitor for formal service on the tenant.  We works with our Clients to ensure that Schedules of Dilapidations are served in good time prior to the end of the lease.

The second lease expires in Spring 2020 and our Client has confirmed that this inspection and Schedule of Dilapidations should be prepared in December 2019 in anticipation of the lease end.

We ensure that all relevant documentation is obtained prior to undertaking an inspection and preparing a Schedule of Dilapidations for a Client to make sure the schedule, which is the basis for the claim on the tenant, is accurate.  We always request the Client confirms that in addition to the lease if there are any other documents which may impact and affect the Schedule of Dilapidations and the tenants dilapidations obligations.  Such documents can include schedules of condition, licences for alterations or the existence of other relevant leases.

Tim Greenwood and Associates recognise that every dilapidations claim is bespoke and we have years of experience in dealing with dilapidations claims on all commercial building types to include retail, industrial and office leases, of all sizes and for both landlords and tenants.  We have the knowledge and expertise to advise our clients on the best strategy and guide them through the dilapidations process.