Schedule of Dilapidations – East Sussex

We received instructions via a solicitor to assist his client in the preparation of a schedule of dilapidations. The client was the landlord of a commercial property in Crowborough. The tenant was in occupation for 5 years and had fitted out the building with their trade fixtures and fittings. The tenant exercised their break option and vacated without without addressing any of their dilapidations liabilities.

The schedule of dilapidations needed be prepared promptly to comply with the lease. This had to be served within three months after lease expiry. Our client was concerned this would not be achievable due to Covid 19 and the lock down restrictions being in place.

We completed a risk assessment to make sure the inspection would be safe to undertake. The building was vacant allowing us to inspect without social distancing issues.

The inspection was undertaken safely and the schedule of dilapidations completed.

Tim Greenwood and Associates are now reviewing and risk assessing all our inspections to ensure they are in compliance with government guidelines. We ensure that appropriate measures are implemented to reduce the Covid 19 risk.

Tim Greenwood and Associates understand the need for instructions to proceed whilst ensuring all risks are considered and mitigated. We are happy to discuss any instructions. Our aim is to assist in delivering our clients requirements in an appropriate and safe manner.