Schedule of Dilapidations – Dorking, Surrey

Tim Greenwood and Associates are instructed to prepare two Schedules of Dilapidations for a Client in Dorking Surrey.  Our Client is an investor and the leases on their two properties are shortly due to expire.  Our Client contacted us for professional advice on the dilapidations and the options available to them.

We have spent time reviewing the leases and have discussed the claims at length with our Client.  Following the review we explained to our Client in detail the lease terms that effect dilapidations. We also provided our Client with advice on the issues that need to be considered.  In addition we have set out the dilapidations process and recommended timescales for dealing with this.  It is important to ensure our Client is clear on the process. We will continue to provide them with the relevant advice at each stage of the dilapidations claim.

It is important to ensure our Client understands the issues on the claim so they proceed fully informed.  One of the two properties has tenants bespoke trade fittings which our Client has confirmed need to be reinstated.  This along with issues of repair, redecoration and compliance with statutory requirements will form the basis of the claims.  These elements of claims will be in accordance with their lease provisions.

To prepare the Schedules of Dilapidations we will undertake an inspection of each of the properties, take details and measurements.  Once completed, we will issue the Schedules of Dilapidations to our Client for formal service by their solicitor.