Schedule of Condition of Industrial Unit – Guildford, Surrey

A solicitor approached us on behalf of their Client who required a Schedule of Condition. The Client was looking to take a 10 year lease of an industrial unit near Guildford Surrey.

The landlord completed some minor repair works to rectify existing defects. These works were not comprehensive and a number of defects, general wear and deterioration remained visible. The landlord agreed to the tenant attaching a Schedule of Condition to the to the Lease. This was to limit their future dilapidations liabilities. The Schedule of Condition would ensure that the tenant did not become liable for pre-existing defects recorded.

Our instructions were to undertake an inspection and prepare a Schedule of Condition. The inspection was to cover the external and internal elements including the roof coverings. We were fortunate to be able to utilise the landlords contractors scaffolding to carry out an inspection of the roof. The Schedule of Condition included detailed descriptive text along with supporting photographs recording areas of damage and defects present. The Schedule of Condition will limit the Clients future liability at their lease end.

Our Client was under pressure to agree the Lease. We undertook the inspection and issued the report within 24 hours. The Schedule of Condition was agreed with the landlord and attached to the Lease.

Tim Greenwood and Associates understand the importance of preparing schedules of condition and how they protect our Clients. We work with our Clients to ensure we deliver instructions to meet our Clients critical timescales.