Roof Repairs – Dorking Surrey

Our Client, a commercial Property Manager asked Tim Greenwood and Associates to comment on a proposal for urgent roof works. A flat roof to the rear of the ground floor to the retail unit in Dorking was leaking for months. The flat roof was the external access route to the first floor flat.

The Property Manager obtained the proposal directly from a contractor. The description of the works and the associated costs did not in our opinion provide the most appropriate and cost effective repair. 

We undertook an inspection and issued a report to our Client outlining the works required along with budget costs for the works. These works included those works required to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. This needed the roof to be stripped and insulation was required to improve the thermal efficiency to comply with Part L.

Tim Greenwood and Associates recommended that a roofing contractor should be National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) registered. The NFRC provides guarantees for their members work. This protects clients if a contractor becomes insolvent.

Tim Greenwood and Associates received instructions to proceed. We specified the repairs and tendered the works to 3 contractors. The lowest tender received was half the cost of that of the Property Manager’s contractor. The contractor completed the works and provided the guarantee. We delivered these repairs quickly and achieved a significant saving for our client.