Planned Maintenance Plan – Gosport, Hampshire

We are delighted to report our instructions received from the Board of Directors of a site in Gosport Hampshire to prepare planned maintenance plans for the 10 residential blocks on the site.

The site was historically occupied by the British Navy and the site includes a number of former military buildings that had since been converted into residential accommodation, predominantly flats.  The original naval buildings date back to the mid 19th Century and are Grade II listed.  In addition to the listed buildings, purpose built housing and flat were constructed when the naval buildings were converted within the past 20 years.  The buildings on the site have been subject to general maintenance and repair however the volume of defects and issues arising are increasing and the Directors wanted to ensure that sufficient funding is in place to allow for repairs in future years.

We undertook external surveys of the 10 residential blocks with in their portfolio.  We hired an access hoist to allow for close inspections of the roofs which included a mixture of pitched and flat structures.  Details of the structures and conditions were taken, along with measurements of the buildings to allow us to calculate the cost of repairs for the visible defects and those that are anticipated in future years.  The inspection included all areas and elements of the buildings and site that the Board are liable to maintain which include the external elements and some internal common parts in the blocks containing flats.

We prepared and issued Planned Maintenance plans for the buildings and the site setting out the anticipated expenditure required over the next 10 years to address the existing and predicted defects.  The figures prepared are to be used to determine the services charges for the next 10 years to ensure that there is financial provision by building up the sinking fund in anticipation of future works.  This careful financial planning also enables residents to be advised of the future costs so they too can plan for the anticipated service charge demands in the years to come and avoid unexpected demands for expensive unplanned essential repairs.

Tim Greenwood and Associates have extensive experience in working with commercial clients, property managers and residential blocks advising on future maintenance and repair costs and planning, specifying and acting as Contract Administrator overseeing the works.