Planned Maintenance Plan, Brighton

Tim Greenwood and Associates are instructed to undertake a Planned Maintenance Plan.   Our Client is a Management Board of a residential block of flats on Preston Road the outskirts of Brighton.  The residential block comprises of a nine story building comprising of over 40 flats.

The instruction is to undertake an inspection of the building to understand the nature and the condition of the building.  The Client, who is responsible for external maintenance, requires advice on the works anticipated in the next 10 years.  The Planned Maintenance Plan will include the external elements of the building. We will set out the works anticipated over the next 10 year period. The plan will also provide budget costs for the works to allow the Client to budget for the works.

Our Client is looking to undertake maintenance works to the building imminently. The Client is however concerned at the level of costs for those works. They are looking for advice on the scope of the works and their costs.

The Planned Maintenance Plan will assist our Client and the residents budget for the works.   Our Client is also seeking advice on the manner in which the works should be undertaken.  One concern is how the Board of Directors can ensure that the costs of works are managed and controlled.

Tim Greenwood and Associates will provide all the information and advice required.