Penthouse Development and Block Upgrade Works – Radlett Village

Tim Greenwood and Associates announce that the penthouse development and Block upgrade works on a retirement Block in Radlett Village are nearing completion.

This Project Management instruction has been the culmination of years of work in the planning and construction of this complex project.  We have led a team of consultants and contractors in transforming the façade and common parts of the 1970’s block of retirement flats in conjunction with the construction of the penthouses.

The construction of 4 duplex apartments on the roof of the 3 storey flats has provided vital funding to the Blocks.  These funds have provided finance for essential repairs and upgrade works.  The Block has benefited from the replacement of the original lifts and the upgrade of the internal common parts. These works include the refurbishment of the entrances, staircases and common parts.  The residents all had their existing small balconies enlarged. In addition the original sliding doors leading onto each balcony has been replaced with modern bi-fold doors.  The works also provided increased underground parking and other improvements to the grounds for the benefit of all the residents.

Tim Greenwood and Associates have provided advice and direction throughout the project.  The works were complex and disruptive to the residents so we managed the works to minimise the disturbance.  We protected the residents flats by undertaking detailed Schedules of Condition of all the flats before works commenced. These Schedules of Condition will be checked off when the works are complete. Any damage found in the flats will be remedied before the project is finally signed off.