Party Wall Enquiry

We were recently approached provide party wall advice on a proposed residential development in Southall, West London for a Developer.

The Developer was looking redevelop a site which currently houses blocks of garages which previously served the surrounding houses.  The site is accessed via a narrow road between 2 houses and the rear walls of the garages form the boundary walls between the site and the adjacent properties.  The rear gardens of the surrounding houses back onto the site and many of the gardens include visible structures which, depending on the permanency of those structures, may require party wall notices be served on them.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 sets out legal requirements which for those undertaking works need to comply with and Tim Greenwood and Associates are able to determine the implications of that legislation for the proposed works.

We provide advice and can be appointed to act for both individual private freehold or leasehold owners as well as larger developers and commercial users on party wall matters. We set out the site specific issues along with details of the requirements of the party wall legislation and the potential time implications that need to be considered as part of the development process.