Licence for Alteration, London

Landlord’s Licence, London

We were contacted by a Property Manager, who, on behalf of his Client, was seeking advice on Licences for Alterations in London.  The Property Manager’s Client was the Freehold owner of a building in Cadogan Gardens London SW1.  The Client had only recently acquired the Freehold of the building, formed of high value flats. Following the purchase, one of the Lessees was seeking to undertake alterations and refurbishment works. The Freehold owner/Landlord sought our advice on the works and the implications of them.

We worked with the Landlord and their solicitors and put a document in place for the Conditions for Working.  Importantly this document set out the works which the Lessee was permitted to undertake and those which required Landlord’s Approval.  We worked with the Freeholder advising them of the implications of each work element. We ensured that the Landlord fully understood the implications of different elements of the refurbishment works. It was critical to advise the Landlord how the works could impact themselves, the building and other residents. Our experience with similar mansion blocks enabled us to provide advice on the potential implications.

We have extensive experience in working in high end residential blocks. This experience is essential in advising Landlord’s on licences and we were able to prepare clear essential guidance notes for the Lessee as to what would be permitted.  The conditions we prepared were also to be used in future in the event other Lessees undertake works.

The Lessee wanted to undertake works outside the extent of his demise. these works were to the Landlord’s structure, and we were able to advise the Landlord as to the risks and implications of such works.  We recommended and coordinated professional advice to check the works with respect the structures, acoustics and building services. This professional advice was essential to ensure the Lessee’s proposals were appropriate and would not cause a nuisance.

We were able to ensure that following a review of the proposals, we fully advised the Landlord of the potential implications on his building and for neighbouring flats.  Our advice allowed the Landlord to enforce fair and reasonable controls on the Lessee to reduce the risk of issues developing, either during the works, or being created after the works were completed.