Landlords Licence for Alterations, London W14

Our Client is a property manager who manages a number of residential blocks of flats in west London. We received instructions to advise on a Lessee’s proposed works for inclusion in a Landlords Licence.

We reviewed the proposed works which included the removal of the existing roof and the construction of a mansard roof. The works in effect converted the top floor flat from a single storey flat to a duplex apartment.

We undertook a review of the proposed works followed by a site survey. The survey enabled us to consider the proposals in context to the building. We assessed the works and set out where further details or specialist advice should be provided.

The structural works were reviewed by a structural engineer. We reviewed the construction details and other implications and reported on these. These included construction details on the acoustic performance, waterproofing and building services. We also reviewed and commented on the planning consent. We recommended what information needed to be provided before the licence documentation was agreed.

In addition to the proposed construction details we recommended information be provided on the site set up and contractors working. The works would cause considerable disruption to other residents so to minimise this we requested details of how the works would be undertaken.

Tim Greenwood and Associates have extensive experience in dealing with Landlords Licences. We have worked on both commercial and residential licences and appreciate the issues involved. We understand the importance of ensuring that Lessee’s works are considered and the project risks minimised.