Dilapidations Survey Template

A dilapidations survey is undertaken at the end of the lease.  This provides the information for the landlord’s surveyor to prepare a schedule of dilapidations which is a claim against the tenant and this is included in a template which forms part of the schedule of dilapidations report.

The schedule of dilapidations is the basis of any claim made by the landlord on the tenant in relation to their lease liabilities with respect to reinstatement, repair, redecoration and statutory obligations.  These obligations are assessed by reviewing their lease prior to undertaking a dilapidations survey.  Once the liabilities are identified these are set out in accordance with the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) guidance notes.

The schedule of dilapidations forms the claim that sets out details of when the inspection was undertaken, who carried out the survey, extracts from the lease and references any other relevant documentation.  These documentation can include schedules of condition or licences for alterations which may affect the landlord’s claim.  The claim is then set out in a standard RICS format known as a Scott Schedule.  This template clearly sets out each breach of the lease covenants with respect of repair, reinstatement and redecoration and statutory requirements they should comply with. The claim includes the lease clause relevant for each element of the claim.  The breaches once set out are also costed in a schedule of dilapidations prepared at the lease end.

The schedule of dilapidations also includes a statement of claim which sets out the full extent of the dilapidations claim which is based on the cost of any remedial works set out in the Scott Schedule.  The statement of claim includes elements such as the cost of contractors’ preliminaries and professional fees.  These fees can include the landlord’s surveyor’s cost for the preparation of the schedule of dilapidations and the costs of the landlord’s solicitor who served the schedule.

Tim Greenwood and Associates understand the requirement to produce schedules of dilapidations in a clear template format and in compliance with the RICS guidance and legal protocols.