Construction costs and Covid 19

We are slowing coming out of lockdown although there are restrictions still in place. We are now trying to assess the impact Covid 19 for our clients and their projects.

The full impact of the pandemic is as yet unknown but its effects will be felt for some time.  The initial lockdown came as a huge shock even though we watched the epidemic developing in other nations.  During the past few months whilst many construction and surveying companies effectively ceased work we remained operational. We continued to provide surveying advice where it was safe to do so.  This was all in accordance with the lockdown restrictions and in accordance with government guidelines.

Whilst there were fewer contractors working, some we were working with did keep their sites open and their projects progressing.  The immediate issues they faced was securing labour and materials.

Many manufacturers of building materials closed as did some builders suppliers so sourcing materials was problematic.  The reduced demand for materials during lockdown did help those builders still working but contractor still had problems obtaining supplies.

With the lockdown restrictions being eased and more contractors now working the demand for materials is increasing.  Manufacturers are also returning but there will be a time lag before the supply chains are fully operational.  This lag will cause disruption and in the short time it is likely that the immediate demand will outstrip supply.  This will lead to increased builders costs.

Contractors also face additional costs ensuring their sites are sanitised. The requirements they face to comply with current requirements, will again add costs to their daily operations. These costs will be past on through higher costs.

We all hope that Covid 19 cases fall. We are acutely aware that the financial impact of the virus will be with us for some time to come.

Tim Greenwood and Associates have continued supporting our Clients through the lockdown. We understand the importance of complying with the government guidelines and maintaining social distancing.  Our focus is to support our clients to ensure projects are delivered safely whilst managing the increased construction costs.