Building Surveying Services – Gosport, Hampshire

We have instructions providing building surveying advice on a prominent site in Gosport, Hampshire.

The site is a former naval base since converted into a residential development.  The properties include former Listed naval buildings converted into flats. The most prominent building being the former barrack block which is over 200 meters in length.  The redevelopment included the construction of modern flats and houses on the site. The development includes private and communal gardens, access roads and parking provisions.

We have been working with our Client for a year and have undertaken numerous instructions to include the preparation of  Planned Maintenance Plans on all the listed and modern blocks and the external grounds.  These Plans include details of works that should be anticipated over the next 10 years to allow our Client to budget for the works, which for the Listed Blocks are substantial.

We also prepared Reinstatement Cost Assessments for insurance purposes.  This involved preparing elemental cost assessments for the Listed structures and applying published construction rates for the modern buildings.  This highlighted significant disparities with the sums insured and the current reinstatement costs where a number of properties were under insured.

We are continuing to provide advice to include Defect Analysis, Major Contract and Project Management instructions. 

We are working with a leading south coast Property Management Company on this site.