Building Survey and Snagging Report, East Sussex

Tim Greenwood and Associates have instructions from a private individual buying a new build property. We are undertaking a building survey of an executive house. The property is located within an exclusive gated development near the village of Wadhurst, East Sussex.

The developer went into liquidation prior to final completion of the works a couple of years ago. The house has been empty since construction, in the hands of administrators who are now selling it. Our Client is purchasing the house but wants assurances that there are no residual issues arising from the developer not completing the works. In addition they want to know if there are any defects or faults with it. These issues may be construction related faults or any which have developed in the 2 years it has been left empty.

In addition to the building survey, our Client is concerned that the building works may not have been fully snagged post construction. Our instructions are to prepare a snagging list in addition to the building survey. We will record any defects by collating a snagging list. These snags may have been present since construction or materialised in the period since. We will also record any defects which may have developed post completion which should have been remedied during the defects period. These are typically small shrinkage cracks but depending upon the quality of the works more significant defects can arise.

Tim Greenwood and Associates have extensive construction experience dealing with contractors and construction issues. We therefore understand the typical problems that arise in new build construction and can provide professional advice accordingly.