Appointment by Albert Court (Westminster) Freehold Co. Ltd as Lead Consultant & Project Managers

  • Tim Greenwood & Associates are pleased to announce appointment by Albert Court (Westminster) Freehold Company Ltd as Lead Consultant and Project Managers in relation to the proposed redevelopment and refurbishment of basement and sub-basement accommodation to accommodate further residential uses, leisure use, including (possibly) swimming pool and gymnasium, improved storage for leaseholders, provision of a conference room for Management and Freehold Company Board meetings and new accommodation and office space for on-site porterage staff, including new porters’ rest room
  • An architectural competition is already under way, inviting submissions from architects experienced in both high value residential and leisure development to establish the best fit of these potential new uses within this prestigious and highly desirable residential mansion block centred in the heart of Kensington. Following the initial competitive process, we will be managing and coordinating further planning submissions to the Local Authority and thereafter advising the Freehold Company in relation to development options and procurement processes, coordinating and managing the client’s project team architectural historians, planning consultants, structural engineers and other specialist consultants. For further information please contact Tim Greenwood (, tel: 01737 829070).

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