• Residential


  • Penthouse Development


  • Albert Court, Central London

Instruction Details

Tim Greenwood was appointed as surveyor to Albert Court in 1998. At that time Planning and Listed Building Consent had been obtained for 6 penthouse apartments on the roof. Tim discovered that the agreement between the freeholder and the developer had excluded any consideration or input from the residents or the Residents’ Management Board. Following instruction, Tim carried out an audit of the proposals, reporting to the Management Board.

Tim was thereafter instructed to work closely with the developer’s team, approving all elements of construction, including temporary works, structural alterations, and construction of the penthouse apartments, acting as the interface between the Residents’ Board and the developers. Tim’s role also included inspection of the prefabricated penthouse modules in the factory, ensuring that all structural and fabric elements were in accordance with the agreed specifications.

Two penthouse apartments were constructed to a shell and core stage only, following which Tim was responsible for acting as landlord’s surveyor in approving and monitoring the lessees’ fit-out works. At a later date Tim has acted as landlord’s surveyor in approving major alterations to the modular structure of one penthouse apartment as part of further lessees’ application for landlord’s approval.

Should you require any further information then please contact Tim Greenwood ( 01737 829070).