Technical Reports

Technical Reports

Gain insights into your building’s condition, maintenance requirements, and potential areas of concern.

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Technical Building Reports

Technical reports serve a crucial role in various property and construction-related matters. As an experienced and reputable firm, we understand the diverse range of circumstances that may necessitate a comprehensive and impartial technical report.

As a building owner or occupier, you may have encountered faulty workmanship or construction defects, requiring a detailed report to identify the appropriate remedial actions. Alternatively, as a landlord, you may receive requests from tenants seeking to adapt or alter a building, prompting the need for a thorough assessment to inform your decision-making process and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Whatever your specific requirements may be, our team of seasoned professionals possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated over many years of industry experience. We bring an up-to-date working knowledge of a wide variety of property types and construction matters, enabling us to provide comprehensive, unbiased, and honest assessments with clarity and focus.

Technical reports may be required for many purposes.  As a building owner or occupier, you may have had work completed that is faulty and a report is required to identify the correct remedial work; as a landlord you may be approached by a tenant to adapt or alter a building as a precursor to an application for landlord’s approval; or you may require a technical report to support your position in a legal dispute.  Whatever your requirements we can bring many years of experience to bear and an up to date working knowledge on a wide variety of property types and construction matters, providing a full, unbiased and  honest opinion, with clarity and focus.

We have experience in providing technical reports and presenting evidence in court and in tribunal hearings.

If you have a property or construction problem or a dispute that relates to professional negligence, construction fault or building defect, we are able to assist you with your requirements.