Schedule of Condition

We are often contacted by Clients who are taking a lease but are unsure whether they need a schedule of condition or building survey and what the difference is between them.  In some cases they may need both.

A schedule of condition is a document which simply records the visible condition of the property.  It will note and make reference to defects however will not offer any commentary on either the cause of the defect nor make recommendations on the remedy required to put defects into good repair.  A schedule of condition is typically required when a tenant is taking a lease on a building where there are issues and they wish to limit their future lease liabilities.  In the event that the tenant wants a more detailed understanding of the building then a building survey would be required which would analyse defects offering information on the cause and recommended remedial works to address those issues.

In some instances Clients require both a schedule of condition to limit their lease liabilities and a building survey to fully understand the structure and condition and potential issues of the property that they will be responsible for.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements to ensure you have the most appropriate information to allow you make informed decisions to progress your lease negotiations.