Landlords Licences for Alterations in Flats

We work with a number of residential property managers dealing with instructions on large and small residential blocks that include external repairs and redecoration, fire upgrade works and where the individual lessees undertake works on their flats, we agree the landlords licences for those works.

We have dealt with licences over many years and from our experiences have advised both property managers and the management boards of the blocks on regularising licences to ensure that the works do not create a nuisance either whilst their works are being undertaken or at a later date as a result of poor quality work.  We have over the years encountered issues where blocks have imposed limited controls on lessees undertaking works leading to disputes between neighbouring flats.   We provide advice that aims to avoid that.

Our approach is welcomed by property managers, block management boards and residents who want to ensure that nuisances are not created by works, either in the short or long terms.  We have assisted in the preparation of terms and conditions which cover details on the standard of works and provisions that must be included in the works and also site conditions which the contractors must comply with.

With regards the standards of work we review the lessees proposed works and pay particular attention to issues that commonly create disputes between flats which include acoustic issues and waterproofing.  The conditions that we advocate require any works where hard floors are to be introduced be scrutinised to ensure firstly the leases allow such floor covering and secondly the new floors include acoustic insulation to ensure that the neighbours below are not suddenly subjected to a noise nuisance.  In addition we require acoustic testing to be undertaken at the beginning and end of projects to ensure that the works have not created a noise nuisance which is a common complaint between flats.

Waterproofing is another element of conflict so whilst water leaks cannot be eliminated in all situations, we aim to reduce the risk of them occurring.  These controls have made a significant difference in a number of the blocks we work in, reducing the number of leaks and consequently the number of insurance claims.

The licences also includes the structural alterations and services installations which we have reviewed by specialists where required to ensure compliance with regulations.

Whilst the conditions can seem onerous to those undertaking the works they provide reassurance to neighbours that appreciate that any works are being monitored and controlled for the benefit of all those in the block.